Welcome to the Iranian Church

Worship and prayer meetings held on every Sunday at 10 AM (PST)

The Iranian Church aims for the fulfilment of God's prophecy in the Book of Jeremiah Chapter 49, aspiring towards salvation, healing, freedom, and a healthy, victorious life for Iran and its people.

The core tenets of the Iranian Church are centred on spreading the Gospel's good news to all, facilitating healing and freedom for individuals, nurturing spiritual well-being and victory in Christ for every family. The church also highlights the significance of acknowledging the responsibilities and spiritual role of men as fathers within their families, valuing the contributions of women both in the family and the church. Furthermore, the education of children focuses on instilling respect and obedience towards God and parents, preparing them for success in the marketplace.

کلیسا ایرانیان سانیول خدمت کودکان

Children's service

Step into the world of our kids service! Dive into the enchanting tale of parenting and play,
emphasizing childrens growth, education, and skills. Come join the children as we explore a
world brimming with joy and learning, instilling crucial values along the way.

کلیسا ایرانیان سانیول خدمت جوانان

youth service

Step into our youth service! We extend an invitation to young individuals for a spiritual
journey and personal growth through diverse programs and activities. Join us as we
collectively move towards a future filled with motivation and hope.

کلیسا ایرانیان سانیول خدمت خانواده

Healing and Freedom Clinic

We are here to serve you with a dedicated and experienced team, offering pathways to freedom from sorrow, depression, anger, family issues, and more, based on the word of God. Our aim is to assist you in obtaining and sharing these freedoms, enabling you to live a joyful and victorious life in God, and to extend this blessing to everyone around us.


God Loves a Joyful Giver

Your generous contributions allow us to share God's saving message with everyone to the best of our ability.

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