Children's service

Welcome to Children's Church

We believe that children play a crucial role in society. Every Sunday morning, children explore God’s love through Bible stories and His work in the world

کلیسا ایرانیان سانیول خدمت کودکان

Our Vision for Every Child:

⦿ Knowing Christ

⦿ Understanding the Word of God

⦿ Spiritual growth

⦿ The ability to share the love of Christ with others

Children's Church Mission:

⦿ Age-appropriate education

⦿ Teaching to comprehend the love and joy of Christ and receive salvation

⦿ Teaching to understand the truth of God’s Word

⦿ Encouraging each child for personal growth

کلیسا ایرانیان سانیول خدمت کودکان

Sunday Classes for Children's Church:

Lesson materials are tailored to age groups and biblical principles

– Nursery  (Ages: Birth)  
– Angelfish  (Preschool) 
– Eagles  (Pre-K  to  Lower Elementary)
– Lions  (Upper Elementary to 7th Grade)

Our hope is to raise responsible and mature leaders among children who lead happy and victorious lives in their families, society, and among their peers, based on correct and principled teachings

"Train your child in the path she should go, and she will not deviate from it even when she gets old."

Proverbs 22:6

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